Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fuck It

Writer Phil Jourdan's impassioned Fuck It Manifesto is spot-fucking-on:

I would like to encourage you to say: Fuck it. Because the likely thing is that everyone is telling you not to give up, without even asking what “giving up” means. I’m not telling you to stop writing (and if you stopped writing just because I told you to, you may be in particular need of learning to say "fuck it"). I’m telling you, at the risk of you calling me an asshole, to stop behaving like a frustrated, insecure, socially oversensitive author, which is what you become when you buy into the image of the author that we have created as a collective.
Go read the whole fucking thing, and reflect on the fact that this advice is applicable to any artist, not just writers. Jourdan says, "Fuck the constant agonizing over everything except the writing."

Or the acting. Or the directing. Or the production design.