Friday, November 30, 2012


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It's on!  Click here to vote for the best, original, unpublished plays to debut in Los Angeles on 2012!

Last year, someone gamed the survey and managed to nab a spot on the list.  In order to provide a check against that, there are two new qualifications for inclusion:
1. Each play must have been reviewed at least THREE times by reputable online sources of live theatre criticism. 
2. Each play must have had a run of at least two weeks.

The playwright who gamed it last year would have been easily disqualified by both points, so I feel pretty good about this update.

Last year we had a paltry 78 responses to this survey.  We can do much better than that.  Remember: the more people who respond, the more accurate this list will be!

Voting closes on December 30th, and the results will be posted on New Years Eve.  Vote, forward the link, and spread the word.

Here's the web address to the survey for you to copy and paste:

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