Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Big and Small

The lovely Red Snapper gives a rundown of bar costumes vs. event costumes on her blog today:
Bar costumes aren't necessarily intended to be seen from the back row of a large theater.  Bar costumes are a smart investment for a newer performer, for someone with a weekly show, or for someone who wants to hit the ground running and to perform as frequently as possible.


Event costumes are those you intend to sparkle and shine on a big stage.  They need a bit more "wow" than a bar costume because they need to be seen from the back of the house.
Go read the whole thing.  It's fully illustrated with photos from past performances, so beware a little butt crack and cleavage, if you're reading it at work, but otherwise it's 98% SFW.

This reminds me of "rightsizing," a word that has become a euphemism for "downsizing," but which -- when I first heard the term -- had more to do with observation, estimation, and execution with a minimum of wasted effort and materials.  The way I look at it, "rightsizing" is first cousin to "just in time" production, at least in the milieu of intimate theatre.  Knowing your venue and your audience can help advise the choices you make as a producer.

Do you see any correlations between Red's article and theatre production?

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