Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Theatre is Easy

New to the roster of favorite links, Theatre is Easy:
Theatre Is Easy is dedicated to making theatre accessible for everyone, including tourists and locals who might feel overwhelmed by the theatre district and all it has to offer. Our mission is simple: we provide information in a compact, easy-to-understand way, thereby creating a larger and more knowledgeable audience pool for New York theatre, both on and off Broadway. Although there are many websites that offer theatre reviews, Theatre Is Easy stands apart because of its intent to appeal to a mass market of theatregoers, rather than avid theatre fans who are already familiar with the scene.
I met writer Jessica Cauttero last night, and we chatted briefly about how we approach reviews.  I really like the Theatre is Easy approach, making theatre way more accessible to the uninitiated.  I think sometimes we forget that we live in a town of just under 4 million people, each and every one of whom is starved for entertainment and most of whom have never heard of your under-99 Theatre Company (brilliant, though I'm sure it is.)

Take a look-see at Theatre is Easy.  For one, it's a great way to survey the other Greatest City in the World, to find out what sort of shows play in theatres about the same size as our own beloved venues on Theatre Row and scattered across town.  For two, it raises an interesting question:  Aside from Fringe, which is bringing in people from out of state (purely annecdotal, but I believe it), what can we do to make theatre going easy for the uninitiated in our town?

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