Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jennie Webb Shows Great Judgement and Does Us All a Favor

"Jennie Webb Blogs Against Her Better Judgment About LA Theater" -- "Against her better judgement"?  Please.  This is a thoughtful survey of some great theatre companies in the LA area, from a playwright's perspective:
So here goes: my very non-expert and way subjective (and geographically biased; I’m in Eagle Rock) run down of intimate theaters (we don’t say 99-seat anymore) who do new work from one playwright’s perspective – a woman playwright who’d like to see more women playwrights LA stages (can’t we do better than 20%?).
"Non-expert"?  Such modesty.  For anyone hoping to see their work onstage in LA, this is THE article for you.  These are the theatre companies to watch, the bar-setters, and the companies who are actually debuting awesome, original plays.  Go see their productions, o ye burgeoning playwrights of the City of Angels.  Take notes.  Meet people.  Get inspired.  Write.

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