Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Support PuppetVision: The Movie

"Using interviews with and performances by over sixty puppeteers from at least fifteen different countries, this film is going to share amazing work by amazing artists and have them talk about how they create it and why."

I've never met Andrew Young in person.  We are longtime acquaintances via the internet and the wild and (literally) wooly online puppeteering community.  I have tremendous respect for Andrew -- his PuppetVision website is a well-tended, thoughtfully edited clearinghouse for international puppetry news.  His plan for a documentary of the current state of the art is a movie I want to see.

And you should want to see it, too.  Puppetry is a vibrant, sophisticated theatrical artform.  There is much to be learned from the artists who make it happen, and Andrew is uniquely positioned and qualified to bring their stories to the screen.

Let's help Andrew make his film happen.  His fundraising deadline is coming on quick.  Please visit his IndieGoGo page and kick him a few bucks: PuppetVision: The Movie.

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