Sunday, July 31, 2011

Got Reviews?

I am available to review plays and other forms of live entertainment.  If you would like a review published on this blog, and I am able to schedule it, I would like to come see your work.  Email me.

Here's a sampling of the reviews I have written over the past year:

At Stage Happenings:

At LA Theatre Review:

I Never Sang for My Father 

The Beverly Hills Psychiatrist and Jessica’s Monologue

Here at Mad Theatrics:

Re-Animator: The Musical
How Did I Get Here? [written with Pamela Moore]
Circus Vargas

A few things:

I am mostly interested in seeing productions based in the LA Basin.  That's not to say that I absolutely won't go over the hill, just keep in mind if you invite me to Woodland Hills to see your production of Our Town, I may not be able to make that happen.

If I know you, if we've worked together, I may decline reviewing you.  This will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and my view on the subject is as fickle as a toddler's appetite.  If I do decide to write a review and we used to pound beers at the corner bar in college, the review will bear a disclaimer that says as much.

I am very interested in the unreviewable and under-reviewed.  Scrappy, short runs of plays hardly anyone will see, performance art, dance, variety arts, etc.  Producing a one-woman juggling show in Culver City that plays two weeks?  Shoot me an email.  Have a modern dance troupe that's just beginning to figure out what the hell it is you're trying to do?  Bring it on.

My review philosophy is pretty simple.  It's detailed in rambling prose here and here, but the bullet points are:
  • Be honest
  • Be specific
  • Be constructive
  • Leave preconceptions and prejudices at the door
  • Snark is not a public service
Need a review?  Drop me a line.

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