Tuesday, June 07, 2011

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"Advice to the Players" is a Shakespeare-centric podcast from Jonathan Redding and Phillip Kelly.  Over the course of an hour they delve deep into the themes, subtext and potential to be found the The Bard's great works.  The podcast is only three episodes old, but it appears to be bi-weekly, and they bring in guests who have recently produced a Shakespearean play in the Los Angeles area.

Phillip Kelly is a name you no doubt have seen if you follow this blog.  He's a frequent collaborator and good friend.  I value his aesthetic judgement immensely, and was proud to have him as our founding Artistic Director at Theatre Unleashed.

Jonathan Redding I don't know personally, although I was wowed by his turn as Iago in the Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble's production of Othello (directed by Phillip Kelly) earlier this year.  Redding is jaw-droppingly schooled in all things Shakespeare, yet his encyclopedic knowledge is tempered by the practical mind of a working actor, director and producer.  Things never get too occult, even as he touches upon more esoteric things.

Together Redding and Kelly engage in insightful dialogue -- "insightful" also spelled "inciteful," as the conversations frequently inspire me to consider possible Shakespearean excursions of my own.  (I do have an idea for Hamlet that would be quite fun.)

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