Monday, May 16, 2011

"The magic's in you. What we're doing is triggering the response."
- Paul Binder, Big Apple Circus
Approaching the Circus Vargas tent last night, before I saw so much as the general admission line, I laid eyes on something that made me smile: row after row of white trailers and rvs parked a short distance from the big top.

A few weeks ago I tore through Circus, a PBS original series (that you can watch on Netflix or on the PBS site!)  Circus is a six part series that documents a year in the life of Big Apple Circus.  It takes the viewer behind the scenes and into the circus family with all the drama, tragedy, and triumph that suggests.  It is a remarkable piece of work.

Quite instructive to anyone  hoping to make a living in live entertainment.  (Certainly moreso than Slings and Arrows, as entertaining as that glacial-paced series may be.)

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