Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We're well underway with Pin-Up Girls rehearsals. In fact, we open in about three weeks. It's been an interesting experience for me as a producer this time. It's not as dreadful as it was with Torrid Affaire. I think the major difference is that we have a team to support our efforts. Theatre Unleashed has totally gotten our back throughout the process.

Something wonderful about this show is that everyone in the cast is doing the work. They're working on their lines outside of rehearsal so they can have them down by the deadline. (There are a ton of lines in a 127 page play. Some of them are already off book.) They're asking Andrew intelligent questions to create a better performance. No one is butting heads with anyone. People show up on time to rehearsal or contact the stage manager if they're going to be late or missing. Hell, we have a stage manager!

Our press releases went out this week. We have our postcards. The costumes are underway (by an incredible designer named Christine Guillmette). It's easier to do your work when there are other people to do their part and they actually get it done.

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