Monday, May 05, 2008

Theatre Unleashed Spring Company Member Auditions

Theatre Unleashed is a highly organized, artistically motivated force looking for fellow artists to partake in creating something spectacular in the world of live theatre in Los Angeles. We're not only looking for actors, but writers, directors, designers, stage managers and tech people to join our company and help us bring new life to the classics but also to help shape and mold original works.

At its core,
the mission of Theatre Unleashed is simple: to work together as one, passionately and professionally, in creating truly remarkable theatre. Theatre Unleashed celebrates the creative collaboration process by encouraging its members to explore fresh, thought-provoking approaches to both original works and established shows. Theatre Unleashed will experiment with various forms of multimedia to heighten the entertainment experience while staying true to the playwright's words, characters and thematic intent. Story-telling will always be the driving force behind any Theatre Unleashed production as the company pledges to always push its artistic boundaries, striving to reach that emotional resonance with our audience that only live theatre can create.

re Unleashed is a dues paying company. The $40.00 a month will allow you the opportunity to be a part of a creative community as we bring some of the finest theatre to Los Angeles through our series of main stage shows, travelling variety shows, experimental theatre, labs and workshops specific to the Theatre Unleashed experience. It will also allow you the opportunity to hone your skills in a community of exceptionally talented writers, directors, actors and other like-minded artists.

g a strong company with members focused on supporting each other in creating great theatre is the only way we feel an impact can truly be made on our audience and the members truly recognized for their craft. Our goal is to unleash ourselves from artistic restraints and to unleash ourselves upon the city of Los Angeles.

To be a part of this:

e prepare a one minute contemporary monologue and a one minute classical monologue for your audition.

To learn
more about our company and our 2008 Season check out our website: www.

The Detai

Sunday, May 18th 11:30-4 and Monday, May 19th 6:30-10pm

To sched
ule an audition please email:

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Choreography Experiment

Our Theatre Unleashed intro show was Thursday night, and it was a wild success. Our first fundraiser brought more attention and money than we initially estimated, which is a fantastic thing to say for a company that was officially incorporated on April Fool's Day.

I choreographed a cabaret chair dance number for the show. We have a Latvian pop star in our company and a lot of talented ladies, so she sang while some of the ladies did a chair dance. We had about a month to put the whole show together. My dancers were all in other acts in the show, so that limited our rehearsal schedule. I'm a professional burlesque dancer so I have shows of my own, limiting our rehearsal schedule even more. I estimated that the last two weeks of the month would be spent running the show, so those nights were out for choreography. Finally, this is Los Angeles. It's really difficult coordinating six people's schedules and a rehearsal space when you don't have money to throw into booking a space at the one perfect time when everyone is available.

My solution was to choreograph the first minute and change and video it in my living room. I uploaded the video to You Tube and told all of my dancers to learn that piece of choreography before our first of four scheduled rehearsals. We went over that bit of choreography at the first rehearsal and added a little more. I videotaped the second chunk of choreography and uploaded that to You Tube so they would have the first two minutes down perfectly for our second rehearsal. This was also helpful with people having vacations and acting classes and other rehearsals on rehearsal nights; this gave them the opportunity to keep up. I continued with the videotaped choreography to the end. The dancers were able to run the number in their homes when it was convenient so they all had it fantastically when they ran the number together.

I'm happy to say my little experiment worked. The girls all looked fantastic on show night. They were seductive, playful, naughty and fun. I think I may try this again the next time I have to choreograph a piece that needs to be ready in a short period of time.