Friday, November 30, 2007

All About Juana

I started this particular blog as a home for my theatrical musings, to keep it separate from my puppetry musings at

The play I directed at Write Act Rep, Juana, opened last night. As it so happens, Juana has a bunch of puppets. So I've been blogging about that show at my other blog. (Yes, I have a bit of blogger's schizophrenia.)

So here's the catch up:

I wrote a three part "Concept and Design" series. Here's part one, part two and part three.

Here's where you can read all about the puppets.

Here's where you can read all about the stained glass windows.

Here's a posting about the last rehearsal, including photos from act one.

And here's my summary of last night's opening.

Now that the play is open, I'll try to reserve any further commentary on it for this blog. Thus adding further fuel to my blogger's schizophrenia.

Pray for me.