Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here's an Idea ...

I was reading over Andrew Rhodes' great comment to a recent post, when the thought occurred ... why not do a quarterly "Mad Theatrics" journal/magazine? An e-zine about theatre from the trenches? Sort of a bruised-knuckle, roar-of-the-greasepaint/smell-of-the-crowd take on "American Theater Magazine." The content would be assembled from general submissions from whoever wants to submit. Articles can be written by theatre professionals or theatre fans. We can print reviews, theory, short play scripts, etc. And the whole thing is a free download available seasonally.

The editorial board shall consist of me (for right now.) If this thing turns into something interesting, maybe I'll expand the board and get more sophisticated, but for now it'll just be a Rough Theatre e-zine lorded over tyrannically by me.



Pamela Moore said...

I love it when you get tyrannical.

Andrew Rhodes said...

I would be happy to submit now and again if need be and suffer under your tyranny. Alas, I may be in the trenches, but my written grammar is for crap. I am known here for having my own written language called Andish. It is very close to English but things are mostly spelled phonetically and punctuation has all different meanings. My friend Larry is starting to make a record of it from all the company emails.

you could also include audition postings and the like and if you ever want to turn it into more Mr. Moore you could sell these adds possibly do a limited run printing for on line subscribers and become competition for Backstage and independently wealthy and well known. I don't think they do much theatrical debate and theory in backstage. If so they probably get pretentious about it... Check the competition and see where they are lacking and pick up the balls they are dropping. Since I learned to juggle years ago I go from sports metaphors to juggling metaphors and then to military ones. eventually someone will understand me.

Damn, I'm chatty this morning.

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