Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I submitted my play for the contest yesterday. Huzzah! I already got the receipt confirmation from them. They said that the contest is for performance in early 2007. Here's hoping they don't extend the deadline again so it doesn't become 2008.

I was going to start on my second play yesterday but we only have one computer at home. Andrew's employment hunt is a little more pressing than my second play for a contest that ends in December. If we bump into each other at the home computer again, I'll grab the notecards and work out my plot.

Here's a teaser: There's a zombie attack. They chase the blood-covered survivors to a cabin. The only person they don't try to attack is the naked guy. You see where this is headed?

Zombies + naked people = w00+

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your play submission. I know you are eager to get some feedback from them so i also hope they don't extend the deadline again.

Good luck with your next play too.

And give Andrew our best wishes on his job hunt. We know how time consuming and frustrating that can be.