Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nipples McGee: The Musical

I'm a loser. I'm no further on "Nipples McGee: The Musical" than I was last week. Maybe I'll write more today. If only I could write music.

Nipples: (singing) I feel free now
Yes I do
I uncovered my hole for poo
I can show my boobies too
I am naked just like you

Dick: (speaking) Wow, that's great, Nipples. It seems that you've finally developed a healthy body image. Let's go play volleyball.

Yeah, I'm lost.


Garrick said...

I think any word with an exclaimation mark looks like a musical. Nipples! or Volleyball! would just scream "musical". It would scream it loudly enough for someone (Sir Elton John, maybe?) to write the actual music parts.

Heheh . . . I said "parts".

Pamela Moore said...

Maybe I should write something that could be produced abroad, like WANGS!

BOB: (singing) Oh, Susan!
The heat is making my head swell.
I can take it no more
These clothes feel like hell.

SUSAN: Yes, Bob!
Let your nuts swing free.
You will find
It's faster to pee.

(CHORUS enters.)

CHORUS: We are nude.
We play volleyballs.
Life is dandy.
Look at our balls!

Andrew Rhodes said...

What rhyms with giblets???