Saturday, July 01, 2006

After scrawling my sixteen cents with a purple pen all over Andrew's second draft of Sonny, I started writing my play. I used the index cards and jotted down my fantastic idea. 'Wow,' I thought. 'I'm well on my way to being like Andrew Moore.'

Today I started actually writing this monstrosity that I hope will bring me at least $100 in prize money for what the courts like to call damages (time and money lost pursuing this thing). Within two pages I decided one of my characters was completely unnecessary and ruthlessly cut that b*tch out of the script. I started typing it in, all the while treating it like the bastard child I feel it may just become.

As a caveat, I think it's important for actors to try their hands at other functions like directing, producing and playwriting. I'm not saying they have to do it all the time. I'm just saying it gives one a greater appreciation for the work that's done off the stage.

I wrote a play for a class in college. It was fun but never produced. I was able to set up the freedoms, barriers and purposes for the play on my own, calling my own shots. Since this play is for a contest, I have to follow their freedoms, barriers and purposes. Since it's a one-act contest, I have to try to cram a story with a moral to support naturist (or nudist) activities or to support and cultivate a positive body image into maybe thirty pages. Great. Here's what I'm afraid my work will be:

JOE: So, you like being naked?
SUE: Yep. I also don't like wearing any clothes.
JOE: You don't say.
SUE: Actually, I did. Why don't you take off those pants and be comfortable.
JOE: I'm nervous. With all the beef hormones and fluorescent lighting, my body isn't what people want to look at on the nude beach.
SUE: F*ck those looky loos. Look at me. I'm a member of this fast food nation and I have no problem taking off my clothes. See. My bajingo is exposed for all to see. For Jeeves's sake, this IS the nude beach.
JOE: Wow. You're right. All of a sudden, for the sake of time, I realize that I don't have to be so bodycentric at the nude beach. I'll take off my pants, then we can play volleyball!

Okay, doesn't that totally suck? That's what I'm afraid of. My play's not that bad so far, but I only have one typed page.

No wonder Andrew Moore drinks so many beers.


Andrew Rhodes said...

I sometimes think beer makes everything better....Keep at it!

We should all be more like Moore!

Pamela Moore said...

I think we should, too!

After sleeping on it, I don't think my idea is THAT bad. I just don't have the time allowed (in the script) to play like I'd like. I'll just crank out a first draft that's (hopefully) long enough for me to cut out all the strained and trite stuff. Then Andrew can take the purple pen to my work. Turnabout is fair play and all.

Garrick said...

Whatever you think about it, "For Jeeves's sake" is my new favorite catch phrase. All good plays have one.
I think Death of a Salesman sparked the popularity of the term "Willie".
Now that you have the catch phrase covered, it should be all downhill.

Pamela Moore said...

I think it started out downhill.

Maybe Jeeves can come in at the end and be the deus ex machina to put the play out of its misery.