Sunday, June 25, 2006

Promotion is SOOOOOOOOOOO important. We did Torrid Affaire with mostly word-of-mouth, some postcards, fliers, a handful of posters and a lot of Evites. If we want a longer run for Sonny, we have to have more (and better) promotion.

Postcards are awesome. They put all of the information directly into someone's hands: time, place, price and description. I love postcards because they're not terribly expensive. Yesterday we collected up a lot of postcards at the theatre complex where I had an audition so we can review them and find what elements work and don't work.

I'd almost like to get the promotion made up before we cast the damn show. I remember seeing the Miss Saigon documentary in design master Allen Partridge's class; they made the poster before they cast the show. I don't know that it's possible for us to do the promo first. For Torrid Affaire we used a cast photo on the postcard. We could use what we're putting on the program, but I wanted the drawings to closely resemble the cast. I guess that since it's going to look like a comic book, we could draw the program first and cast based on that. Maybe use the same design for the postcard.

Producing is strange. I feel like I just sit there revving my engine for so long, then everything has to be done at once and that 'once' is very close to the last minute.


Andrew Rhodes said...

We started using business card size handouts instead of postcards...that way they were very simple for people to carry.

but they were also using them for 2 dollar off cupons.

Pamela Moore said...

I like that idea! Business cards would be perfect for me to hand out at auditions or when I run into people, and the coupon is a nice way to be sure they keep the promo piece. Business cards are cheaper, too.

Maybe we should do business cards and the standard postcards for casting directors, reviewers and agents.