Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod

As stated in an earlier post, Pinterest looks to be pretty awesome.  It may turn out to be a tool theatre makers can use for research, collaboration, and communicating with our audience.

Last month, Pinterest referred more traffic than Twitter.

Scratching your head, trying to figure out how to use Pinterest?  You could run with some of the ideas I proposed in that earlier post.  You could read this:  "10 Tips for Using Pinterest Well" by Jessica Turner.  You should go ahead and request an invite, start a board, and get cracking.

But here's what NOT to do:  Don't just fill up a board with your postcard art.  Don't use this like a Flickr account and give us an album of show photos that are hosted in one place.  For goodness sake, don't confuse the canon with the canonball.

The cartoon at the head of this article came to me via Hugh MacLeod's email list.  (Subscribe to it already!)  Here's a bit of the accompanying text:
It’s a cute little reminder that no matter how big your business is, your business is not really all you want to be talking about on social channels. It's the idea of brand as platform. Finding interesting aligned ideas to talk about.  The challenge is to create lots of cool stuff to launch into your social networks through your brand.
It's good to be social; it's bad to be a boor.

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