Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Letter "N"

Today's wit brought to you by the letter N, as in nudity, naked, nuts and nipples.

JOE: Wow, Sue. You sure do have some sizeable breasts on you. And those nipples . . . why, you should be in movies with nipples like those!

SUE: Thanks, Joe. I sure do love how you and the other men here are so accepting of my breasts and nipples. You've really helped me develop a positive body image. I now feel fully prepared to take off my bathing suit bottom.

All the men ad lib praise and admiration.

JOE: Sue, you sure are courageous. Why don't you, your breasts and your nipples join us for a game of volleyball?

What am I DOING? I have no idea. I should probably stop wasting time and just write the goram play.


Andrew Rhodes said...

Nipples, ......shiney.

Call the play:

Nips & Giblets in "Volleyball Bound"

Pamela Moore said...

Nips & Giblets = w00+!